Enhancing automation in Customs procedures implementation

VNC - From 1-12-2016, many new features on the E-Customs System for supporting the implementation of e-customs procedures on VNACCS will be implemented by the General Administration of Customs. These new features will improve the automation in the process of Customs procedures implementation and reduce the clearance time of enterprises.

Nov. 30th

          These functions will help the Customs authorities and enterprises to have information interaction through electronic systems in a convenient and rapid way, also useful for the process of implementing Customs procedures of enterprises. Accordingly, one of the functions which facilitate enterprises is registration of Customs procedures outside of working hours, days off, holidays.

         The current regulations allow the declarant with the need of implementation of Customs procedures outside of working hours, days off and holidays to send prior notification to the Customs authorities during working hours by documents or through the electronic data system of Customs. With the registration of Customs procedures outside of working hours, days off, holidays through the electronic data system, the head of the Customs Branch can arrange officers to inspect the registration of Customs procedures outside of working hours and based on the actual resources to respond to the declarant.

         With this new function, the General Department of Customs notes that the information of requesting to implement Customs procedures outside of working hours, days off, holidays which are sent to the Customs system, only can be canceled or amended before the Customs authorities carry out "Approved for registration of Customs procedures outside working hours". If enterprises want to cancel or amend the information of request to implement Customs procedures outside of working hours, days off, holidays which are approved, the Customs Branch where the enterprise registered the declaration will have to guide to make the revision document and submit to the Customs branch for handling.

         Many new functions to receive electronic documents, electronic Customs records were also added to the system by the General Department of Customs such as: the function of exports and imports inspecting during loading, unloading and transporting, storing at the gate; function of inspecting electronic documents, e-Customs records; commodity inspection at the request of Customs Branch at the declaration registration place.

         For updating the list of commodities which are under independent transport declarations that were approved for transporting through Customs surveillance area, Customs authorities only received at branches which connect and exchange information with enterprises in accordance with Decision 1500/QD-GDC dated 24-5-2016 of the General Department of Customs.

         Besides, together with a lot of changes in management policy such as processing, export production, and processing for export enterprises, the General Department of Customs has built new functions to facilitate enterprises and Customs authorities in management activities. The principle of management functions for processing goods, export production, processing for export enterprises will be monitored by an assigned officer throughout all activities and procedures of the enterprise at the Customs branch. The assigned officer is responsible for urging enterprises to implement the manufacturing facility information; updating information on the manufacturing facility which has been manually informed, results of manufacturing facility inspection, inspecting settlement reports, and examine the use of the system.

         In order to implement these new functions, the General Department of Customs requested Customs branches which have processing, export production activities to guide enterprises to perform "Information of manufacturing facility" by the system to the Customs authorities as stipulated. For the cases of changing the information of manufacturing facilities according to form No. 12/TB-CSSX/GSQL as stipulated in Article 56 of Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC, enterprises shall inform the Customs authorities. During operations, any change shall be notified to the Customs authorities before implementation.

         Branches with processing and export production activities will organize and assign officers to perform receiving, processing, and inspecting manufacturing facilities of the enterprise. Upon receiving the manufacturing facilities information of the enterprises, assigned officers have to update the ending date of financial year to the system. In the case of receiving paper documents of manufacturing facility information before 1/1/2016, Customs officers have to update to the system.

         For settlement reports of processing and export production enterprises, the new functions allow them to receive, propose for inspection, approve inspection and manage settlement reports. Simultaneously, the system gives enterprises the right to update manufacturing facilities inspection result; statement reports; using status of raw materials, supplies, machinery, equipment and goods for export; warning for processing goods, export production; information management of processing, export production, and processing for export enterprises.

         These above functions will be officially applied from 1-12-2016.

By N.Linh/Tuan Cuong