Binh Dinh Customs is facing many difficulties in budget collection

VCN-In spite of deploying a lot of drastic collection solutions, the budget revenue of the Binh Dinh Customs in 2016 is still low and Binh Dinh Customs is facing many difficulties in completion of set targets due to objective factors.

Sep. 15th

         Talking with us about the budget collection status in 2016, Director of Binh Dinh Customs Department, Mr. Nguyen Van Dong stated that Customs was assigned to reach the collection target of 1.000 billion vnd this year, however, due to changes of commodity management policies, the General Department of Customs adjusted the collection target of the unit to 480 billion vnd

         Until 14 November 2016, the State Budget of the unit was 411.5 billion vnd, decreasing over half compared to the same period in 2015, reaching 41.15% of target under the ordinance (1.000 billion vnd) and reaching 85.8% of the minimum target assigned by the General Department of Customs (480 billion vnd.

         According to the analysis of the Department’s Director Nguyen Van Dong, the unit’s tax revenue in 2016 dropped sharply over 2015 due to the sharp decrease of petrol and oil import (caused by changes on import policies of petrol and oil and the customs procedures were not made in the Department while in 2015, the tax revenue from petrol and oil import accounted for nearly 40% of the Department’s total tax revenue), the import-export turnover reduced in tax over 2015 and under the Trade Agreement ASEAN – Australia – New Zealand , from 1 January 2016, the tariff rate of imported beef is 0% while in 2015, the tax revenue from imported beef reached nearly 100 billion vnd. Besides, some imported goods such as: plastics, sugars and fertilizers also reduced against 2015.

         In 2016, Binh Dinh Customs has performed well all provisions of the law, guidelines of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Vietnam Customs on budget collection and collaborated with the General Department of Customs and commercials bank on State budget collection. In order to better implement the Law on import-export duty and guidelines, the Department and Branches have publicized, propagated and instructed new policies for import export business community in the province, etc.

         Creating maximum favorable conditions (the formalities are handled quickly and exactly, obstacles are settled in time) for import and export activities of goods and means of transportation. Quickly and timely solve problems arising under the jurisdiction relating to Customs formalities, tax policies, tax management, tax exemption, tax refund and non- tax collections.

         To be against the loss of revenue, the unit focused on resources, enhanced tax inspections, anti-loss of revenue, anti-smuggling, anti-commercial frauds and control of import - export commodity prices prescribed in the price databases and created favorable conditions for local businesses in Customs formalities.

         Focusing on checking value, origin and application code of key items such as: titanium ores, exporting saline sand and imported machines and equipments, etc, carrying out the examinations and post clearance audits for cases in suspicion of declared value, commodities with high tariff rates, large turnover, import frequency, type of manufactured products for export and processed products. Especially, focusing on checking cases which inaccurately state the HS code for commodities which must be actually inspected 100% for exporting items under provisions, and businesses that are classified in high risks for Customs and duties.

         Director of Post Clearance Audit Branch, Mr. Ho Quang Hien acknowledged that from the beginning of 2016 until now the unit implemented post clearance audits in locations of declarants under the schedule to evaluate the law compliance for 25 businesses, in which there were 7 businesses inspected under the signs of violation, found 18 of 25 violation cases and released 20 Decisions on duties with an amount paid to the State Budget from post clearance audits over 5 billion vnd, reaching over 80% compared to the assigned target (6 billion vnd).

         The violations are mainly declaring the production level of processed goods and export goods higher than the reality; making inaccurate statements about contents compared to those in the processing contract liquidation and the code, tariff rate, quantity, imported goods value, etc.

         From the beginning of 2016 until now, the Department has made 49 records and handled 49 cases with nearly 722 million vnd of fines; the violations are mainly violations on Customs formalities, tax declarations. There have not any great smuggling and commercial fraud cases.

         The Department’s Director Nguyen Van Dong said that from now to the end of 2016, the Binh Dinh Customs Department will strive to collect correctly and fully the adding taxes from post clearance audits, etc to succeed the minimum target of 480 billion vnd assigned the General Department of Customs.

         In addition, Binh Dinh Customs carried out a specialized inspection at the businesses’ headquarters, found violations then and released decision on duties over 1.5 billion vnd.

By By Le Thu/ Huyen Trang