Aviation National Single Window needs the involvement of many agencies

VNC - From 1-12-2016, many new features on the E-Customs System for supporting the implementation of e-customs procedures on VNACCS will be implemented by the General Administration of Customs. These new features will improve the automation in the process of Customs procedures implementation and reduce the clearance time of enterprises.

Nov. 30th

         According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, this was one of the problems related to inter-agency coordination among the State management agencies at the airports. When the Aviation National Single Window system comes into force, it will create favourable conditions for operations of functional forces at the international airports.

         Accordingly, administrative procedures which are performed under manual methods will be replaced by electronic forms. All procedures shall be implemented in the electronic environment, which greatly facilitates the operation of the means of entry and exit; imported and exported goods, especially in aviation. Thus, enterprises no longer submit paper records to State management forces at international airports. They only need submit the administrative form of e-Customs once in the National Single Window system and the system will automatically share information with other relevant agencies and the airline firms.

         The implementation of administrative procedures in the National Single Window system will shorten the time of conducting Customs procedures, provide the State management agencies with sufficient information about the means of entry and exit, imported and exported goods and facilitate the activities of immigration, import and export of goods.

         In order to deploy the Aviation National Single Window on schedule, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has requested the Vietnam Airlines and international airlines to provide passenger information of entry and exit in advance (the booking, booked seats and flight information) and apply online communication and online procedures for people to conduct Customs procedures. The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, the airline firms and the State agencies at the international airports should coordinate with the General Department of Vietnam Customs to urgently implement the Aviation National Single Window system.

By N.Linh/ Hoang Anh